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    Chapter of Alpha Phi

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  • Our Home

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  • The Alpha Phi house is home to over 37  women from our chapter. 


    President's Message

    The Alpha Phi Eta Omicron chapter at Virginia Tech boasts a sisterhood of diverse women. Our sisters share a passion for intellectual development, leadership, loyalty, service, and character advancement. I feel so privileged to have found this group of women during my freshman year. Leaving my home state of New Jersey to attend Virginia Tech was a scary journey for me. After first semester, I was thrilled recruitment would provide an opportunity to find a home away from home. When Alpha Phi accepted me with open arms and warm hearts, I knew I had finally found this home at Virginia Tech.

               Eta Omicron never has a dull moment. Whether we are participating in various philanthropies, raising thousands of dollars for cardiac care in our own philanthropy, coming together for a sisterhood event, living together, or simply going to the dining halls together, there is always something to do. I can truly say our chapter is the quintessential sisterhood: we embrace each sister’s unique characteristics and diverse backgrounds. I admire each and every one of these women for all their achievements, and feel blessed to call them my sisters. I am so incredibly honored to be president of a chapter that cares so deeply about their peers and community.

              As we look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary at Virginia Tech this spring, I know our sisterhood is stronger than ever and I am so thrilled to see what the future holds.


    Warmest regards,

    Taylor Nelson

    Chapter President


  • What's New?

    Virginia Tech Alpha Phi's are looking forward to the spring semester. We are getting ready for Keep The Beat Week 2014 and Relay for Life.

  • Congratulations to Alpha Phi's Taylor Lavery for WINNING 2013 Homecoming Queen! We are so honored to have won Homecoming Queen for the second year in a row. We are proud to have been her sponsor.